After reading the post’s heading you may wonder. What is Mediatek, then? MediaTek isn’t really a smartphone company, personally. It is a term for a business manufacturing world-famous chips. Taiwan-based MediaTek Inc. offers chips for smartphones, televisions, laptops, navigation systems and much more. If you are using a Mediatek chipset-powered smartphone, you download Mtk droid tool to perform some Android OS-related tasks. Since the company officially releases the tool exclusively for Mediatek devices, it can be used efficiently by all the users.

root mediatek

What you can do with MTK Droid Tools:

  • Flashes stock firmware
  • Roots smartphones which use MediaTek chipsets easily and quickly
  • Has the ability to back up stock recovery and restore
  • Backs up stock firmware of your Mediatek device when needed
  • Creates scatter files of stock firmware to flash on any device
  • IMEI number can be back up and restore

What you need for this guide:

  • Properly charged Mediatek device
  • Download and install USB drivers for the device – download from Droid Tools
  • Download the latest MTK droid tool
  • Windows PC
  • Recommended USB cable

Before you start:

  1. Make a complete back up of your Mediatek device
  2. Enable USB debugging mode on your device
  3. Connect your device to the computer
  4. Launch the application as administrator
  5. MTK Droid tool will detect your device automatically and display
    information about your device
  6. Now, click the “Root” button at the bottom of Window and Next, click
  7. The process of the task will be displayed by a progress bar

It should be noted that this application is compatible only with Android smartphones powered by MediaTek chipsets and is not compatible with other models.

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