Google Duo transforms in Google Meet

Only a few days have passed since we gave you an update on the conversion of Google Duo into Google Meet, and we already have another. Google informs us today that the Google Duo symbol and name change, which transforms it into Google Meet, is beginning today.

We recently informed you that Google would rename Duo to Meet by the end of the year after integrating all of Google Meet’s capabilities into Google Duo. Google claims that the change will begin to take effect immediately and that it may take several weeks to fully implement. The full deployment should take place by September, at which point all users should notice a change in icon and name.

If it hasn’t already, the old Google Meet app you presently have on your phone will also be renamed to “Meet (original)” in addition to the move from Duo to Meet. I’ve already changed, as you can see in the example above.

Google is also replacing the branding on with Google Meet as of today. That will redirect to in the “coming few months.”

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