At least for the moment, foldable phones are considerably more fragile than more common types of smartphones. The screens are plastic to allow folding, not glass, and with the first batch of Galaxy Folds, the gap between the screen and phone body will cause dirt to get inside — something Samsung learned very quickly. We already have a general idea of the reliability of the Motorola Razr, but JerryRigEverything has show us a better picture.

The video doesn’t begin out particularly well, scratching the display very quickly. The rest of the phone comes out better, covering most of the other elements in metal and glass. Zack later tries to push sand and rubble into the screen gap, and although the display opening sound makes me physically recoil like I’m watching Scott’s Tots, the display keeps working. Pocket sand can not damage the new Motorola Razr.

The video seems to paint the Razer in a positive way; It certainly didn’t expect the touchscreen to continue to work after.