The Galaxy S10 series is still worth buying in 2020, as most of the features from the S20 (and some of the S20 dropped completely) at lower prices are available to phones. You can now get the 1 TB S10 + version for $899.99, a $400 reduction from the usual $1,300 price. Plus, it’s the full US version, not one of the poor LTE-supporting dual-SIM variants.

The model on sale has a Snapdragon 855 processor, 12 GB RAM, 1 TB of internal storage (plus a microSD card slot, if that somehow isn’t enough space), 6.4-inch curved OLED screen with HDR10 +, 4.100mAh battery, triple rear cameras, two front cameras, and IP68 water resistance. Unlike the Galaxy S20, it does have a headphone jack on this phone.

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As previously mentioned, the model being sold is the US unlocked variant, which means it will fully work on all major US carriers and comes with a warranty. That’s a nice upgrade from the international dual-SIM versions that regularly go on sale, which lack some LTE bands and don’t work at all on CDMA carriers (e.g. Sprint and Verizon).