Top 6 Android Apps to improve your Mobile Utility


There are numerous apps released every week and it becomes hard to keep track of all of them. To make sure you don’t miss out on all the amazing apps, we have compiled this week’s best releases for you!

One Swipe Notes

One Swipe Notes is a promising utility app. It was free at the time of its release but is now for $0.99, which is quite reasonable. It is an intuitive note-taking app and easy to use with premium features.  The app enables users to swiftly take notes by opening a floating window with a single-window, taking quick notes, and exiting. However quick note mode, r, it is worth mentioning that in quick note mode, there is a limit to the information you can put in but users can always open the app and fill in the details afterward. Overall, it is an efficient note-taking app with a smart design and plenty of features.

Princess Tale

Princess Tale is a hybrid between gacha and an idle game. As of now, it is free for all to play. Once installed, players can obtain multiple characters and as the game progresses, the characters level up even if you don’t play often. The game itself, it quite impressive even though quite generic for its genre. There is a storyline user can follow along. The game does have a few kinks that the developers need to figure out but since it’s the game’s girt week, hopefully, the bug fixes are done over time.

Cultivate gif maker 27 1

Cultivate may seem like a gardening app at first but it is much more than that. It is a free motivational app that helps users complete tasks with the aid of digital plants. Users create plants and name them with certain actions. After acting, tap the plant and it will keep growing. As you continue performing the task, the plant will grow but if you don’t perform the respective task often, the plan with wither and die. It’s quite simple to use but an innovative idea to motivate people to be consistent with their activities. The activities can range from journaling to reading, basically anything you want to be more consistent with.

Leap Trigger

Leap Trigger is another interesting game. It is a free and a shooter game. The thing that sets it apart from most shooter games is that it heavily relies on AR much like Pokemon Go. Users can use the camera viewfinder to find their opponents and then shoot them with the on-screen controls. Players can avoid bullets. The game includes options such as multiplayer with its single-player mode.

BYJU’S Learning App featuring Disney

BYJU’S Learning App featuring Disney has three subscription packages ranging from free, $9.99 per month, and $99.99. To ensure maximum engagement from children the app uses Disney characters to enhance the learning experience. There are over 1,000 educational activities that kids can choose from. The app is kidSAFE and COPPA certified for child safety. Furthermore, as kids play games they are given incentives to keep playing in the form of stickers and rewards. The app is still under development hence a few bugs are expected. To gain full access it is better to opt for the paid version.

Smart Transfer

Smart Transfer is another innovative utility app. It is a free content transfer app with premium features that enables users to swiftly transfer all their data from one device to another. The app has multiple connectivity options such as Wi-Fi and Hotspot. This app is ideal for all data management needs and makes the cross-platform transfer much easier.

Summing Up

The aforementioned applications are quite impressive and worth try! Be sure to check them out and let us know if they worked for you.

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