Android 14 will support satellite connectivity T-Mobile/Starlink partnership

Evidently, satellite communication is all the rage. While Android 13 is still gradually rolling out to devices other than those in the Pixel line, it appears that Google is already teasing features for Android 14.

Google’s senior vice president of platforms and ecosystems, Hiroshi Lockheimer, stated in a tweet on Thursday that the company aims to offer satellite connectivity “in the next version of Android” and that he is enthusiastic about the possibilities this opens up.

android satellite connectivity

What you need to know – Android 14

  • A Google executive has confirmed that the next version of Android will support direct satellite connectivity.
  • T-Mobile and SpaceX recently announced a new partnership that aims to bring satellite connectivity to smartphones.
  • Apple has been rumored to have this in the works for its upcoming iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8.

It isn’t much of a stretch to figure out what “the next version of Android” might mean, but Google confirmed to 9to5Google that this is, in fact, Android 14.

The cooperation between T-Mobile and SpaceX, which will use the latter’s Starlink satellites to provide basic connectivity to smartphones, was just revealed. Lockheimer’s tweet is probably in response to that announcement. The goal is to eradicate so-called dead zones, where even the top U.S. carriers struggle to deliver the most basic services. This would at first encompass messaging services like SMS and MMS as well as specific chat apps and possibly even video.

After SpaceX launches its next-generation satellites, the beta testing for this is not anticipated to begin until late in 2023. The service is anticipated to be free for members of T-“most Mobile’s popular plans,” but the businesses intend to expand it to support calls and data as well.

Along with this collaboration, it has been long-rumored that Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8 products will feature satellite connectivity. We’ll have to wait and watch what Apple says on September 7 since the company is anticipated to reveal its new smartphones.

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