Although manufacturers do not coordinate release dates and some choose not to disclose software update release dates at all, consumers always want to ensure they have the most recent software to get the most out of their devices. As Motorola and its smartphones gain popularity, the company is taking advantage of its opportunity to gain a competitive edge — and extending the availability of Android 14 to do so. Android 14 has been available since October, but its launch has been staggered across eligible devices.

As spotted on Motorola’s support page, the company is beginning to roll out the Android 14 update to more of its devices (via Phone Arena). Of the Razr line, the 40; 40 Ultra; Razr+ (2023); Razr (2023); and Razr (2022) will receive the software update.

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From the Edge series, those who have the Edge+ (2023); Edge (2023); Edge+ (2022); Edge (2022); Edge+ 5G UW (2022); Edge 40 Pro; Edge 40 Neo; Edge 40; Edge 30 Ultra; Edge 30 Pro; Edge 30 Neo; Edge 30 Fusion; and Edge 30 will get the update. Finally, G Series device owners won’t be left out — those who have the 5G (2023); Stylus 5G (2023); Stylus (2023); Power 5G (2023); G84 5G; G54; G73 5G; G53 5G; G23; and G14 will get Android 14, too.

Motorola has confirmed that its Lenovo ThinkPhone will receive Android 14 as a part of the rollout, but generally speaking, no dates or timelines have been publicized.

The tech giant has been slow to release Android 14, but as more people start using its phones, its popularity is growing. In part, this is because Motorola has continued to explore the possibilities of foldable designs, even as other companies release touchscreen devices with flat displays.

For example, the Razr series has maintained its foldable look, and excitement is building for the 2024 series. Rumor has it that, in contrast to last year, Verizon may carry the Razr+ 2024. It is also speculated that the device may sport the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, which would be a welcome upgrade from the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC used in its predecessor.

You are not alone if you have not given Motorola devices much thought lately; the company’s rivals have made it harder for the Lenovo-owned behemoth to keep up its reputation as a household name.

But, as Motorola starts a fresh campaign to regain ground, it might be worthwhile to give their products another look; they might not be as eye-catching as other flagship devices, but the company seems determined to improve its reputation.

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