Google is one of the top tech company’s worldwide. It has a vast ecosystem of products catering to almost every technological need. The Silicon Valley-based company is always at the top since it keeps on updating to provide its users with the best experience.

During the past year, Google has been working on the Android 12 update. The Beta version is available and has revealed some intriguing features. The details about which features will be kept in the final version are ambiguous but overall this seems to be the best update till now.

Nevertheless, there seem to be a couple of issues that need to be resolved before the Android 12 update is rolled out worldwide. The most recent issue is with the notifications. Due to a bug, most notification banner pop-ups do not appear.

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Notifications Bug

Google is “moving into the final phase” of Android 12 with this week’s release, focusing on perfecting rather than introducing new features. However, most notification banners do not appear on Android 12 Beta 4 due to a glitch.

When you receive a notification on Android, you should see the app icon/name in the status bar, as well as a short banner containing the sender name, message preview, and reply option. On Beta 4, users only see the status bar section of the notice, and they must swipe down to see the complete alert. The pop-up notification banner is missing.

Consequently, if you use your device without sound or vibration, it’s incredibly simple to miss incoming alerts. If users forget the app name, they’ll have to keep an eye on the status bar. Rebooting does not fix the problem, as the impacted apps’ “Pop-up screen” notification feature stays enabled.

Regardless of whether your device is set to receive all notifications, only vibrate, or is silent, this is a common problem reported by Pixel 3, 4, and 5 owners. Some apps, on the other hand, appear to be unaffected, while the banner appears when two warnings arrive at the same time. On the lock screen and always-on display, banners work normally.

Summing Up

Google will almost certainly have to fix the notification flaw, but it’s unclear if that will happen in an Android 12 Beta 4.1 update or when the Release version arrives “in the weeks ahead.” Although this is the final beta, it is evident that there are still some usability issues.

However, it is worth mentioning that the Android 12 will make it easy to perform tasks such as file sharing. This bundle of features known suggests that Google is attempting to improve the usability of its operating system since it enables users to personalize and alter their devices. We will have to wait a bit more to see which features end up in the final “polished” version. Additionally, it appears that Google agrees with Apple’s privacy regulations, which have been the subject of debate since their debut. Many of the details of these features are unknown, and the majority of them are just suppositions. We’ll have to wait for the build to see how correct our leak-based assumptions were.

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