Realme is developing a magnetic wireless charging method for its Android phones, as The Verge reported last week, and the company has now announced a whole line of goods that will employ the new technology.



The wireless charging device is known as MagDart by Realme, and it’s essentially a more powerful version of Apple’s MagSafe system for the iPhone 12 series of phones. The 50W MagDart charger, which Realme claims are the world’s fastest magnetic wireless charger, is the star of the show. It features an unavoidably hefty cuboid form to accommodate a cooling fan, but Realme is betting that users will accept this trade-off in exchange for faster-charging speeds.

Realme claims that when plugged into the company’s 65W SuperDart wired charger, the MagDart charger would charge a 4,500mAh phone battery to 100% in 54 minutes. That’s almost as quick as the 50W wired charger from Realme. Realme is also working on a 15W MagDart charger, which looks similar to Apple’s MagSafe puck but is 26.4 percent slimmer and claims quicker charging speeds if you don’t want to have to put a charging brick into a charging brick.

According to Realme, it can charge a 4,500mAh battery in 90 minutes, which is far faster than Apple’s 15W option. Aside from the simplicity of wireless charging, a magnetic design like MagDart and MagSafe opens up the possibility of elegant port-less accessories, and Realme has a slew of them.

The MagDart Power Bank is comparable to Apple’s recently launched MagSafe Battery Pack, except it has a dock that allows you to utilize the battery as a phone stand. The MagDart Shell is a carbon fiber-style case featuring a pass-through USB-C port and headphone jack, as well as built-in MagDart connectivity, for the new Realme GT flagship phone. The MagDart Wallet is a three-card sleeve that looks a lot like Apple’s MagSafe wallet. This one, though, features a kickstand.

The MagDart Beauty Light, a selfie-ready flip-up ring light powered by reverse wireless charging, is perhaps the best of the bunch. It contains 60 tiny LEDs and a separate control button for adjusting brightness and color temperature, among other things.

Availability and Price

Realme hasn’t announced a release date or price for any of these goods, and the Realme GT is the only phone that has been confirmed to operate with a MagDart gadget that is capable of carrying out iOS transfers as well- and that’s only if you buy the specific case

For what is essentially the debut of a large new ecosystem of products, that’s a fairly big catch. However, if Realme incorporates MagDart into future phones, that might be a significant distinction.

What can we expect?

Wireless charging is one of the most common exclusions from Chinese phones with otherwise outstanding spec sheets – Oppo was one of the first to adopt the technology, and Vivo has yet to follow suit. And, given that Oppo’s VOOC fast-charging mechanism was ported to OnePlus and Realme phones thanks to the firms’ shared ownership and supply chain, MagDart may follow suit.

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