OnePlus has seen a sudden spike in its popularity due to its affordable range of products. The Chinese-based company has been swiftly rising among the ranks while on the other hand, Samsung has experienced a plunge.

Samsung’s latest venture, the Samsung Galaxy S21 has been a major miss with sales hitting an all-time low. The South Korean tech giant hopes to make a swift recovery after their Unpacked event which showcases the foldable devices. This event is monumental for the company since not only is it a chance for Samsung to get back to the top, it will also determine if foldable devices are indeed the future.

OnePlus is aware of the significance of this event and is hoping to use Samsung’s influence to jump-start its campaign. The Chinese smartphone maker teased a mysterious item on social media and claimed it would unveil more details later today. The ambiguous announcement overlaps with Samsung’s Unpacked event hence a brilliant marketing strategy from OnePlus.

oneplus foldable

Further Details

According to the teaser, the phone that OnePlus has teased appears to be a dual-screen device, similar to what Samsung is expected to reveal. While the teaser reveals few specifics about the smartphone, we haven’t heard anything about a phone like this being in development. There haven’t been any reports regarding a device similar to this from any source hence if OnePlus is developing such a gadget then it has been kept extremely well hidden.

OnePlus may reveal a dual-screen prototype phone, similar to the Surface Phone, with two distinct displays connected by a hinge. Although the teaser shows two displays, a vertical hinge can also be seen in the center.

Alternatively, it could be a dual-screen attachment, similar to the one LG tried out. The LG Velvet dual-screen accessory wasn’t as thick as the one seen in the OnePlus’ teaser trailer when viewed from the side. Making us think it’s just a gimmick that OnePlus is attempting to pull off.

On Instagram, the Chinese smartphone company recently shared multiple photos of the OnePlus 9 Pro with various fruits. The company attempted to spoof Apple in one such post with a slew of Apples.

Looking at this troll post and the complete absence of details about the next OnePlus product, we believe OnePlus is merely slamming Samsung. And if that’s the case, we’re going to be devastated.

Summing Up

Details about this mysterious device are extremely scarce hence this might be just a marketing gimmick by OnePlus to gain traction from Samsung’s Unpacked event. Over the past year, the Chinese-based company has released some impressive devices and has become a strong contender in the smartphone manufacturer industry. Its devices are capable of carrying out complicated tasks such as file switch without any trouble. We for sure cannot wait to find out what this mysterious device is. Is it a foldable device from OnePlus or just another device?  We will have to wait just a little longer to find out if Samsung foldable devices have a serious competitor or was it just an elaborate marketing gimmick to steal the spotlight.

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